General Horse Health

Educate Yourself...

Knowing the Basics of Horse Care and Horsemanship are key not only to maintaining your horse's health, but in establishing and maintaining a great relationship with your horse. 

Love them well. 

My own research and interest in understanding more about equine exercise physiology, diet and nutrition, basic good horse care and horsemanship stems from not only being a new horse owner, but from wanting to effectively communicate and understand what horses need to function at their individual peek levels of performance. 

No matter the equine discipline, good diet, nutrition and exercise are fundamental to the healthy horse. 

Just like us.  Hmmm.

Diet and Nutrition - Equine Nutrition and Feeding by David Frape was a client recommendation. 

And I quote:  'Since the first edition of Equine Nutrition and Feeding was published in 1986, it has become the standard work on the subject, covering every aspect of the nutrition of breeding, growing and working horses, and describing the basis upon which scientifically derived conclusions for nutrition and dietary requirements are reached.'

Hoof Care and Maintenance - Having a great mentor from my first initiation into the horse world has given me insight and opportunities as I could have never imagined. 

Darolyn Butler at Cypress Trails Equestrian Center has and continues to teach me volumes but I would have to say that the greatest 'lesson' from her to date was that on natural hoof care and the barefoot horse. 

A couple of books she shared with me for my 'foundations hoof course' are by Dr.H.Strasser.  The first, A Lifetime of Soundness - The Keys to Optimal Horse Health Lameness Rehabilitation and the High-Performance Barefoot Horse and the second by the same author is Shoeing:  A Necessary Evil? Facts Every Horse Owner Should Know About Shoeing

Alaric, my horse is a barefooter and now has beautiful, strong and healthy hooves that are trimmed every 4 to 5 weeks.  All key to the sound function and support of his structural foundation and supporting 'process and utility' systems, his physiology.

Equine Exercise Physiology