Equine Health, Fitness and Performance

Your Horse's Heart...

From the recreational horse owner to the equine professional, all have a vested interest in their horse’s fitness and welfare, whether it is the family pet or the filly favored to take the Triple Crown.


The most reliable way to gauge the health and fitness of your horse is by his heart rate. Polar Equine training system provides instantaneous and continuous feedback on your horse’s heart rate, letting you know how he is doing during exercise or recovery and while at rest.

The latest Polar Equine training systems are accurate and reliable, simple to use and easy to put on your horse. In addition, there is no ‘hard wire’ connection between you and your horse’s transmitter, enabling the training system to be used in training or competition – both with and without a rider – or during leisurely rides.

Whether used recreationally or competitively, Polar Equine training system gives you the opportunity to listen to your horse’s body. Heart rate monitor training can help you establish a well-rounded exercise or training programs to keep your horse fit while minimizing the risk of injury.