Equine Sports Health and Performance Products


A horse heart rate monitor allows you to determine the frequency, volume and intensity of training based on the individual fitness level of each horse, and the demands of each discipline.


Polar Equine training systems have long been a critical tool in competitions. Pacing your horse is obviously one of the critical elements of equine competitions, where you must pass veterinary check-ups quickly during competition. The horse heart rate monitor will help you prepare your horse, and then help you pace him during the competition so you both finish safely and reach your goal.


Polar Equine training system can help you prepare more effectively for all three events: show jumping, cross-country, and dressage. Simulating the demands of each discipline and duplicating those efforts during training will lead to a successful competition. The Polar Equine training system will tell you how your horse is being affected by the effort he is putting in, and allow you to make the decision to back him off, or push him a little harder. All while keeping both of you safe.


By paying attention to your horse?s heart rate, you can assess whether he is stressed when he approaches a jump, or if his fitness is causing him to make errors late in the competition. You can simulate the demands on your horse and see how it affects him during training.


Simulating a challenging course in training, and monitoring heart rate and effort of your horse, can ensure you are both ready for competition. With the combination of speed measurement, heart rate monitoring is an invaluable pacing tool that will ensure your horse is ready for the more challenging questions.


Endurance allows dressage horses to perform better while maintaining technical precision. It also minimizes injuries due to one-sided technical work. The Polar Equine training system can play a vital role in building and maintaining endurance.

Thoroughbred Training:

While thoroughbreds typically run at or near maximum heart rate, the Polar Equine training system is a useful tool for gauging recovery. Determining when a horse is ready to go hard again is much easier when you know his heart rate. And gauging his resting heart rate will tell you whether he is ready for a hard training day, or if it?s best to back him off a bit and avoid overtraining him.


Finding the right intensity levels for your horse is critical when training for harness racing or driving events. Pacing by speed and heart rate gives you the information to prepare your horse right and make decisions about training relative to your horse?s fitness level and recovery.